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Torah On Demand have been founded by Rabbi Levy and his wife Mrs. Maryasha Djian  in 2008

Since 2004 Rabbi Levy Djian is devoted to bring the holy light of torah to everyone around him.

After he met his wife in 2005, they get married in France and they established right away in New York to continue spreading the message of the Torah to the French Community in New York.

As time went on, the demand for torah has increased.

In order to expand the possibilities, and to be able to bring the torah in all the different contexts and to the greatest number of people, in 2008 we have established the Torah On Demand project, to allow it and to go even further.


Hours of studying per year


Brides and grooms prepared for a Jewish marriage


Guests per year for events, Shabbos and holidays meals.

“Don’t wait to search for meaning in life, because by then they might not be enough life to live meaningfully”

The Rebbe

Dear friends, through the years, Torah On Demand has grown its workforce, and has expanded worldwide.

Today more than ever, we need your generosity, to give meaning to the lives of so many people who are looking for it, and that together we will change them

– Rabbi Levy Djian


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